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The Western Impact V UTV Snow Plow is a heavy-duty and versatile snow-clearing machine designed to transform your utility vehicle into an efficient snow-removal tool. With its adjustable V, straight blade, and scoop modes, it is suitable for both commercial and personal use. The plow features a 6-foot-wide, flared blade, fully enclosed hydraulics, and double-acting cylinders for dependable and precise performance. Consider its functionality, compatibility, and the benefits it offers to your winter management strategy before making a decision.

Key Takeaways

The Western Impact UTV V-plow is designed specifically for UTVs and is suitable for both snow and ice control professionals and personal users.

  • It features a 6 wide flared blade, fully enclosed hydraulics, and double-acting angle cylinders for independent wing operation.
  • The plow has two control options, hand-held CabCommand or joystick, and can transition between V position, standard straight blade operation, and scoop mode.
  • It offers convenient features like two width settings to cover tire track width, easy on/off operation with removable receiver brackets, and high-strength, low-alloy steel components for durability.

Key Highlights

The WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow brings contractor-grade features to both professionals and personal users for enhanced snow and ice control. This heavy-duty snow plow is uniquely designed to cater to the demands of UTV snow removal equipment, combining versatility and efficiency. Its release signifies a significant upgrade in the capacity for UTVs to manage winter conditions with ease.

The WESTERN IMPACT snow plow is engineered to transition seamlessly between the V position, standard straight blade operation, and scoop mode. This flexibility allows you to tackle a variety of snow conditions, making it a practical solution for diverse snow and ice management tasks. The 6-foot wide flared blade is a standout feature, designed to cover more ground and move snow efficiently.

The fully enclosed hydraulics and double-acting 1-inch angle cylinders facilitate independent wing operation, enhancing the plow’s functionality. The dual trip-edge design is pivotal in protecting your UTV from sudden impacts with hidden obstacles, a common challenge during snow removal.

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Furthermore, the Scrape Lock feature ensures that the UTV snow plow delivers a clean, professional scrape, reducing the need for follow-up passes. The two control options – hand-held CabCommand or joystick – offer you convenience and preference in controlling the plow’s movements. With the easy on/off operation and removable receiver brackets, the WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow supports quick installation and removal, optimizing your time and effort.

As you anticipate its availability, you can look forward to a tool that withstands the rigors of heavy-duty use and enhances your UTV’s snow handling capabilities.

Core Features Explained

The WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow’s core features, including its 6-foot wide flared blade and fully enclosed hydraulics, elevate its performance for efficient and reliable snow removal. As you assess the capabilities of various UTV v-plows, it’s clear that the design elements of the WESTERN snow plow set it apart as a leader in quality snow plows.

Analyzing the double-acting 1-inch angle cylinders, you’ll find they grant you independent control of each wing. This means you can easily adjust the plow for different snow plowing scenarios, transitioning between V, scoop, and straight modes. The dual trip-edge design ensures that only the base edge trips when an obstacle is encountered, leaving the blade upright and the load of snow intact—an essential feature for maintaining momentum and efficiency.

The Scrape Lock feature, exclusive to WESTERN snow plows, maximizes down-force on the cutting edge for a cleaner scrape, enhancing back dragging operations. This makes it ideal for tackling compacted snow on various surfaces, from driveways to walkways.

Here’s a snapshot of the core features:

  • Flared Blade: Covers more area, efficient for wide paths
  • Fully Enclosed Hydraulics: Protects system, reduces maintenance
  • Double-Acting Cylinders: Precise wing control for varied conditions

Additional Functionalities

Building on its robust core features, the WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow also offers additional functionalities that enhance its adaptability and ease of use for operators. The snow plow’s design includes a flared, 6-foot powder-coated steel moldboard reinforced with six vertical ribs, ensuring durability and consistent performance for snow removal tasks. This winter equipment provides the versatility needed for various snow conditions and applications.

You’ll appreciate the two width settings that adjust to cover the tire track width on different Utility Vehicles, making this snow plow compatible with a range of UTV models. This feature is particularly useful when transitioning between vehicles or adjusting to different job requirements. For operator convenience, the IMPACT UTV V-plow offers two control options: a hand-held CabCommand and a joystick, allowing for personal preference and ease of use in controlling the plow’s movements.

Western Impact Plowing on UTV

The easy on/off operation with removable receiver brackets is a significant time-saver, facilitating quick attachment or detachment, optimizing your workflow during the busy winter months. This design consideration demonstrates WESTERN’s commitment to creating snow plows that are user-friendly and cater to the time-sensitive nature of snow removal tasks.

In terms of functionality, the double-acting 1 angle cylinders facilitate independent wing operation, providing you with precision and control when configuring the plow for V-position, standard straight blade operation, or scoop mode. The dual trip-edge design and innovative Scrape Lock feature contribute to a professional, clean scrape, maximizing the snow plow’s efficiency and effectiveness in clearing snow with each pass.

Availability and Compatibility

The WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow has been available since the fall of 2016, designed to be compatible with a wide range of UTV models. As you’re assessing the suitability of this equipment for your snow management needs, it’s important to consider both availability and compatibility.

Analyzing the compatibility of the WESTERN IMPACT V-plow, it’s clear that the design accommodates various prominent UTV brands. These include Kubota, Polaris, and Can-Am, with specialized mounting options ensuring that these snow plows integrate seamlessly with the vehicles. The plow’s adaptability ensures that whether you own a Kubota, Polaris, or Can-Am UTV, you can equip it for efficient snow removal.

To help you better understand the compatibility range, here’s a structured table detailing which brands and types of UTVs are suitable for the WESTERN IMPACT V-plow:

UTV Brand


Compatible Models

Most utility models
Wide selection of UTVs
Various UTV models

Plow Type

Kubota Snow Plows
Polaris Snow Plows
Can-Am Snow Plows

This table highlights the plow types available for different UTV brands, ensuring you can make an informed decision. It’s essential to verify the specific model compatibility with your UTV to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Benefits for Snow Management

Harnessing the capabilities of the WESTERN IMPACT UTV V-plow equips snow management professionals with a tool that enhances efficiency and precision in clearing snow. Recognized as one of America’s top plows, the IMPACT UTV V-plow is a heavy-duty snow plow designed to tackle the most challenging conditions with ease.

The V-plow configuration allows you to efficiently move large volumes of snow by quickly transitioning between the V position, straight blade, and scoop mode. This adaptability ensures that you can address various snow situations, from tight, narrow areas to open spaces, with a single piece of equipment.

Constructed with high-strength, low-alloy steel components, the IMPACT V-plow promises durability without adding excessive weight to your UTV. This balance of strength and weight is critical for maintaining the maneuverability of your vehicle while prolonging the service life of the plow.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features such as fully enclosed hydraulics and double-acting angle cylinders for independent wing operation, the IMPACT V-plow offers a professional and clean scrape, ensuring that surfaces are cleared with precision. The dual trip-edge design and the innovative Scrape Lock feature further contribute to a clean back dragging experience, providing essential snow plowing tips for ensuring a pristine finish.

For those operating a tractor plow, switching to the IMPACT V-plow could enhance your ability to manage snow removal tasks more effectively. The easy on/off operation with removable receiver brackets simplifies the transition between seasons, making it a practical choice for both professional and personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

To maintain optimal performance, you’ll need to routinely check hydraulics, inspect the cutting edge for wear, and ensure bolts are tight. Regularly greasing pivot points is also essential for your plow’s longevity.

Can the Western Impact V UTV Snow Plow Be Customized With Additional Accessories, and if So, What Are the Options?

You can customize your plow with accessories such as deflector kits, shoe kits, and blade markers to enhance functionality and adapt to varying snow conditions for optimal performance.

How Does the Western Impact V UTV Snow Plow Perform in Extreme Cold Temperatures, and Are There Any Special Operating Procedures to Follow in Such Conditions?

You’ll find the plow performs well in extreme cold, thanks to its durable construction. However, ensure hydraulic fluid is appropriate for the temperature and always check for ice buildup before operation.

What Are the Safety Features Incorporated Into the Design of the Western Impact V UTV Snow Plow to Protect Both the Operator and the Vehicle?

You’ll find the plow’s dual trip-edge design and heavy-duty coil springs safeguard both you and your vehicle by absorbing shocks and reducing sudden jolts during snow removal operations.

Are There Any Training Resources or Support Services Provided by Western Products for First-Time Users of the Western Impact V UTV Snow Plow?

You’ll find training resources and support services offered by Western Products for new users, ensuring you can operate your plow safely and efficiently right from the start.