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In the competitive landscape of snow removal equipment, the Boss XT Snow Plow emerges as a paragon of innovation and reliability, much like an artist brings form and beauty out of a block of marble. Seasoned professionals understand the crucial role that a high-performance plow plays in navigating the challenges of heavy snowfall. The Boss XT, with its strategically designed flared wings, doesn’t merely push snow aside; it revolutionizes the task of maintaining accessibility and safety during the harshest of winters.

Combining power with precision, the Boss XT’s full moldboard trip design acts as a safeguard, absorbing the impact of unforeseen obstacles to prevent damage to both the plow and the vehicle. The debate between poly and steel models, as well as considerations for the latest in lighting technology, are more than mere details—they are critical factors that can define the efficacy and longevity of your snow removal efforts.

Key Takeaways

  • Boss XT Snow Plow models are designed to meet different needs and cater to a range of preferences.
  • They are built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel for durability and feature flared blade wings and enhanced curl design for throwing snow higher and farther.
  • The plows are equipped with SL3 LED headlights with Ice Shield Technology for superior visibility and less ice accumulation.
  • The SmartHitch 2 system streamlines the plow mounting and removal process, saving time and reducing wear and tear on equipment.

Boss XT Snow Plows

As you explore the Boss XT Snow Plow range, you’ll find various models tailored to meet different needs. Each variation brings its own set of features, such as the SmartTouch2 control system and SL3 LED headlights, enhancing your plowing experience. Consider the specific demands of your environment when choosing the right XT plow for your workload.

Varations of XT Plows

The Boss XT Snow Plow comes in various models, each with distinct features tailored to specific plowing needs and conditions. You’ll find that these variations of XT plows cater to a range of preferences, whether you’re dealing with light residential flurries or the heavy-duty demands of commercial spaces. The boss xt lineup includes models with different blade sizes, such as the 8 ft. 2 in. and 9 ft. 2 in., ensuring you’ve got the right width to tackle your specific environment.

These light-weight plows boast rust-resistant stainless steel and smart innovations like the SmartTouch2 control, making operation a breeze. The SmartHitch2 system even simplifies the attachment process, so switching out plows is no hassle at all. With a Boss XT, you’re equipped for efficient and dependable snow removal.

Boss XT Product Details

Delving into the Boss XT Snow Plow’s product details, you’ll find it’s built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ensuring durability and a long service life. As you explore the features, you’ll appreciate the flared blade wings and enhanced curl design that enable the plow to throw snow higher and farther, making your job in the snow removal industry easier and more efficient. The full moldboard trip design is a smart addition, as it helps to protect the plow from damage when it encounters hidden obstacles, like curbs or rocks.

Boss XT Snow Plow - Stainless Steel V Plow
Boss V Xt Stainless Steel Plow 9′ 2″

The Boss XT Snow Plow doesn’t skimp on visibility either; it’s equipped with SL3 L.E.D. headlights that offer double the light output of traditional halogen systems. You’ll find plowing at night or during those heavy snowfalls less of a strain on your eyes. And with the SmartShield Paint coating, you’re getting supreme quality finish that provides superior corrosion protection, keeping your snow plow looking good as new for years to come.

As a key player in the snow removal industry, you know how essential reliability is. The Boss XT is designed to meet those demands with its durable stainless steel blade, chain lift system, and the SmartTouch 2 handheld control that gives you precise command over the plow’s movements. Whether you’re tackling light or heavy-duty plowing, this snow plow stands out for its toughness and built-in features that are geared toward making snow clearing as hassle-free as possible.

Boss XT Features

You’ll appreciate the Boss XT’s advanced features, starting with the SL3 L.E.D. lights paired with Ice Shield Technology, ensuring clear visibility and less build-up in icy conditions. The innovative SmartHitch 2 system simplifies the attachment process, saving you time and effort. Moreover, the SmartShield paint finish and SmartLock cylinder add to the plow’s durability and ease of use, providing you with a reliable tool for tackling heavy snowfall.

SL3 L.E.D. With Ice Shield

Enhancing nighttime visibility, the Boss XT’s SL3 L.E.D. headlights shine twice as brightly as standard halogen bulbs and feature Ice Shield Technology to combat snow and ice accumulation. When you’re out clearing the streets or driveways, these robust lights ensure you can see and be seen in the darkest and snowiest conditions, providing safety and efficiency to your snow removal tasks. The Ice Shield Technology is especially pivotal, as it prevents the build-up of ice on the headlights, which could otherwise impair your vision and slow you down.

SL3 L.E.D. HeadlightsDouble brightness for superior nighttime visibility
Ice Shield TechnologyPrevents ice accumulation, ensuring clear lighting
Corrosion-ResistantDurable in harsh weather conditions
Enhanced Curl DesignThrows snow higher and farther for efficient snow plow

This innovative lighting system is just one example of how the Boss XT snow plow is designed with your snow removal needs in mind.

SmartHitch 2

Switching between plows is a breeze with the SmartHitch 2 attachment system, designed for quick and reliable plow mounting and removal. As you manage your snow-clearing tasks, you’ll appreciate how the SmartHitch 2 streamlines the process. It’s not just about saving time; it’s also about the wear and tear on your equipment. With the SmartHitch 2, you can easily attach or detach your Boss XT snow plow without needing a team of helpers or complicated tools. This feature ensures that you’re ready to tackle snowfall promptly, guaranteeing efficiency and easing the physical strain of managing heavy plows. The system is a testament to innovation in snow removal technology, allowing you to focus on the job ahead with confidence.


With its SmartShield paint technology, the Boss XT Snow Plow boasts exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring your investment withstands the harshest winter conditions. As you consider the best snow plowing equipment for your snow services, the SmartShield feature offers superior quality that’s crucial for maintaining the plow’s integrity over time. The advanced paint system not only protects against the inevitable wear and tear from frequent snow plowing but also extends the life of your snow plow, providing reliable performance season after season. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Boss XT is designed to endure the rigors of winter while maintaining its efficiency and effectiveness in clearing snow.

SmartTouch 2

Building on the robust protection offered by the SmartShield technology, the SmartTouch 2 system simplifies plow operation with its user-friendly handheld control. As you tackle the winter season, the SmartTouch 2 becomes your ally in residential plowing, making the task as seamless as possible. Its intuitive design means you spend less time fiddling with controls and more time efficiently moving snow. The ergonomic layout keeps your focus on the job, not on the tool in your hand. Plus, its compatibility with the SmartHitch2 attachment process ensures that switching between plows is a breeze. You’ll appreciate the clear advantage it provides when you’re facing the elements, guiding your plow with precision and confidence. SmartTouch 2 is more than a control; it’s your partner in mastering the snow.


Harnessing the strength of SmartLock cylinders, the Boss XT Snow Plow ensures efficient back dragging and quick wing return, enhancing your plowing performance. These cylinders are precisely engineered to give you control and strength where you need it most—right at the back edge of the plow. You’ll find that the improved wing return speed makes for a more productive plowing session, as you can swiftly adjust to changing conditions.

Moreover, the SmartLock cylinders play a crucial role in optimizing the plow’s capability to clear surfaces with fewer passes. This means you’re not only saving time but also reducing wear and tear on your equipment. Embrace the power of SmartLock and you’ll experience a noticeable difference in your plowing efficiency.

Chainless Hydraulic Lift

The Boss XT Snow Plow’s chainless hydraulic lift system revolutionizes your snow clearing by delivering smooth and consistent blade movement without the hassle of chains. Traditional chain lifts require constant adjustments and maintenance, but this advanced chainless system eliminates such frequent tinkering. You’ll notice a significant reduction in bounce while plowing, which means you gain better control and precision. This isn’t just about comfort; it’s about reliability and durability, especially under tough winter conditions. With the chainless hydraulic lift, your plowing experience is not only more efficient but also less prone to the wear and tear that can sideline your equipment when you need it most.


When you invest in a Boss XT Snow Plow, you’re backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty, ensuring your plow is protected against material defects. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially when you rely on your plow for heavy-duty snow clearing. You can rest assured that your investment is secure, with a promise from BOSS that they stand behind the quality and durability of their product.

The warranty offers real value, covering material defects that could otherwise be a costly concern. It’s a testament to the trust BOSS has in its engineering and manufacturing standards. If an issue arises, you’re not left out in the cold; you have the support needed to get back to plowing snow swiftly and effectively.

To fully grasp the benefits of the Boss XT Snow Plow warranty, consider the following table:

2-Year CoverageLong-term protection for your plow
Material DefectsAssurance in the quality of construction
Peace of MindConfidence in your investment
Manufacturer SupportReliable help when you need it

Understanding this warranty is straightforward: it’s a straightforward promise that your Boss XT Snow Plow is built to last, and if a material defect does surface, you’re covered. This confidence allows you to focus on the job at hand, knowing that BOSS is ready to assist if your equipment doesn’t perform as expected. It’s not just a warranty; it’s a commitment from BOSS to you, the user, ensuring that your snow clearing duties are never compromised by equipment issues.

Final Thoughs on the Boss XT Plow

While you consider the robust warranty that protects your Boss XT Snow Plow, it’s also essential to reflect on the plow’s overall performance and construction quality. The Boss XT, with its rust-resistant stainless steel material, isn’t just tough—it’s built to last through countless snowfalls. You’ve already learned about its full moldboard trip design, which is a true asset, safeguarding the plow against damage when it runs into those inevitable hidden obstacles.

The brilliance of the SL3 L.E.D. headlights can’t be overstated; they throw out double the light of standard systems, ensuring you won’t miss a spot, even when the night’s at its darkest. And let’s not forget the innovative SmartShield Paint that maintains the plow’s appearance and integrity, warding off corrosion with its top-notch quality.

Handling this equipment is a breeze, thanks to the SmartTouch2 handheld control. Its user-friendly design translates to efficient, stress-free plowing, allowing you to manage even the most daunting snow drifts with ease. Whether you’re tackling a small driveway or clearing a parking lot, the Boss XT stands up to the task, offering the kind of reliability that professionals demand and homeowners appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between BOSS DXT and Xt?

You’re wondering about the differences: the DXT has a dual-trip design and steel skin, while the XT features a full moldboard trip and comes in various sizes for lighter-duty plowing.

How Much Did Boss Snowplow Sell For?

You’re asking about a purchase price, but without specific context, it’s tough to provide an exact figure. Generally, snowplow costs vary based on model, features, and vendor. You’ll need to check current listings.

Who Makes BOSS Snow Plows?

BOSS Snow Plows are manufactured by BOSS Products, a Toro Company. You’ll find they’re built with durability in mind and come with a 2-Year Limited Warranty, ensuring their quality meets your snow removal needs.

Who Makes Best Truck Snow Plow?

You’re seeking the best truck snow plow, and it’s subjective; different brands excel in various aspects. Research, compare features, and read reviews to find one that meets your specific needs and preferences.