Razorback Feature

Unleash the power of winter with the Arctic RazorBack™ Truck Plow! Discover cutting-edge snow removal efficiency that’s tough on snow, easy on you.

In an industry where time is money, and efficiency is paramount, the introduction of the Arctic RazorBack™ Truck Plow represents a significant advancement in snow removal technology. Engineered for performance, this state-of-the-art plow system stands at the forefront, delivering unparalleled snow clearing capabilities with a design that prioritizes the user’s ease of operation. Explore the transformative potential of the Arctic RazorBack™ Truck Plow and how it’s redefining the standards of winter maintenance. Dive deeper into the mechanics of this innovative solution that’s built to conquer the most challenging snowfalls while ensuring minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Innovative Design Features

Razorback Plow in action

Harnessing Arctic Sectional Technology, the RazorBack plow introduces independent sectional moldboards that contour to pavement irregularities, ensuring efficient snow removal while minimizing wear and tear on both the equipment and the surface. As you delve into the world of Arctic snow plows, you’ll find that the RazorBack snowplow stands out with its innovative design features. The impact-absorbing polyblock design is a testament to the plow’s forgiving nature, allowing it to absorb shocks and maintain durability under strenuous conditions.

The cutting-edge AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges exemplify a commitment to high performance. These edges are engineered to respond to variable surfaces, tripping over obstructions while maintaining contact with the pavement for a clean scrape. This feature is crucial for preserving the integrity of both the snow plow and the surface it cleans.

Furthermore, the free-floating wings of the RazorBack enhance its maneuverability, making snow removal not only more efficient but also less labor-intensive. The holistic design ensures that every part of the plow is replaceable, which speaks to Arctic’s dedication to longevity and sustainability in their products. You’re investing in a snow plow that’s built to last, reducing long-term costs and downtime.

Specifications and Performance

With a weight of 1,142 lbs and a height of 29 inches, the RazorBack Truck Plow incorporates Arctic Sectional Technology and independent sectional moldboards to deliver unparalleled performance in snow removal. This robust plow is engineered to navigate the toughest winter conditions, utilizing its impact-absorbing polyblock design and AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges to adapt to various terrains seamlessly.

While western snowplows and boss snow plow models set industry benchmarks, the RazorBack’s retrofit kit is a game-changer, offering compatibility with Western® Wide-Out, Western® Wide-Out XL, and Boss EXT models. This aftermarket kit not only enhances the longevity of your existing equipment but also equips it with cutting-edge technology for superior snow clearing capabilities.

Every component of the RazorBack is meticulously designed to be fully replaceable, significantly reducing the risk of having to discard the entire plow due to damage. When confronting curbs, obstacles, and sharp angles, the plow’s resilience is evident, withstanding impacts that would sideline traditional models. The Arctic RazorBack Truck Plow stands out as a durable, efficient, and high-performing solution, setting new standards for snow removal equipment and ensuring your fleet is prepared for the harshest winter onslaughts.

Built for Abuse

Razorback Plow close up

Engineered to withstand the rigors of aggressive snow removal, the RazorBack Truck Plow’s Arctic Sectional Technology and resilient polyblock design ensure lasting performance even in the most challenging conditions. You’re dealing with a plow that’s built on a foundation of durability, with independent sectional moldboards that precisely contour to the terrain. This innovation not only heightens efficiency but also minimizes the stress transferred to the plow during impact.

The plow’s AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges are a testament to its robust build. They’re engineered to absorb impacts from unseen obstacles, offering a blend of strength and flexibility that’s critical in harsh environments. This feature is particularly crucial when you inadvertently encounter hidden curbs or large chunks of ice that could spell disaster for lesser plows.

Adding to the RazorBack’s tough persona are the free-floating wings. They provide the plow with an adaptive edge, allowing it to glide over diverse surfaces without compromising its structural integrity. It’s this combination of thoughtful engineering and high-quality materials that equips you with a plow that’s not just prepared for abuse but practically invites it, ensuring that you can tackle the winter’s worst without hesitation or costly downtime.

Retrofit Kit Availability

As of fall 2023, Arctic’s Retrofit Kit offers a fully replaceable aftermarket solution for owners of Western® Wide-Out, Western® Wide-Out XL, and Boss EXT plows, ensuring that a single collision won’t necessitate the costly replacement of an entire plow. With the Retrofit Kit, you’re investing in a pragmatic upgrade, enhancing the longevity and resilience of your snow removal equipment. The kit’s design ensures that each component can be individually replaced, mitigating the financial impact of unforeseen incidents during operation.

razorback in action with snow

The Retrofit Kit is not affiliated with Western Products or Boss Products, yet it seamlessly integrates with their respective plow systems. Its availability is subject to limited supplies, and as such, Arctic is coordinating with its dealers to manage the distribution process efficiently. You’re encouraged to share your contact details with Arctic’s dealer network to facilitate timely access to the Retrofit Kit as inventory becomes available.

Arctic’s commitment to durable, serviceable, and cost-effective products culminates in this Retrofit Kit. It’s a strategic choice for professionals looking to safeguard their equipment against the rigors of snow plowing while maintaining operational readiness. Stay ahead of the winter season and ensure your fleet is equipped to handle any challenge with Arctic’s innovative Retrofit Kit.