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In the age of horse-drawn carriages, the thought of a hitch-mounted winch-driven snowplow would have been bewildering, yet today you have the DK2 Universal at your disposal. You’ll appreciate its design, which allows you to attach it directly to your vehicle’s hitch, making snow clearing as straightforward as a Sunday drive. The 3,000 lb capacity wireless electric winch works tirelessly, ensuring you’re not left out in the cold wrestling with uncooperative machinery. Moreover, the sturdy construction with blade stiffeners adds a layer of reliability that’s hard to overlook. However, as with any piece of equipment, it’s not without its intricacies and potential caveats. To truly understand how this kit can transform your winter woes into a hassle-free experience, consider the finer details of its operation and how it might fit into your seasonal routine.


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The Hitch-Mounted Winch-Driven Snowplow Kit offers a comprehensive solution for efficient snow clearance, featuring easy installation and a range of robust accessories to enhance its functionality. Your immediate concern might be the practicality of the DK2 Universal plow kit. Analytically speaking, it’s engineered for quick and effective snow removal, catering to driveways and small parking lots—a clear advantage for residential or light commercial use.

Delving into the details, the kit’s easy installation is facilitated by a front mount receiver, which is a class III type, implying a significant weight-handling capacity. However, you’ll need to ensure compatibility with your vehicle, as the Custom Mount Kit requires vehicle-specific mounting brackets. This isn’t just a one-size-fits-all scenario; a critical assessment of your vehicle’s specifications is necessary to leverage the kit’s full potential.

Accessories like the hardened steel cutting edge scraper and rubber snow deflector are included, but you shouldn’t overlook the optional skid shoes or caster kit, which contribute to the kit’s versatility and storage convenience. The safety chain and blade stiffeners, which create a 3-point connection, are critical for stability and durability. The winch-driven mechanism, potentially upgraded with a 3,000 lb wireless electric winch, demands scrutiny to ensure you have adequate power for the task at hand.

Detailed Features

Building on its practical design, the Hitch-Mounted Winch-Driven Snowplow Kit features a suite of detailed functionalities that cater to your snow removal needs with precision and efficiency. The Custom Mount Kit ensures compatibility with your vehicle, allowing for quick attachment and detachment. This is crucial for maintaining the balance between ease of use and the robustness required for effective snow plowing.

The winch-driven mechanism, operated by a wireless remote, provides control and convenience, negating the need for manual adjustments. Its 3,000 lb capacity signifies substantial power for moving heavy snow. The Blade Size, an essential factor, is designed to clear wide paths with each pass, maximizing productivity.

Critically, the snowplow’s durability is enhanced by:

  • A hardened steel cutting edge, which withstands wear and tear.
  • The rubber snow deflector, which directs snow efficiently to minimize blowback.

Key accessories enhance performance and longevity:

  • Skid shoes protect the blade and surface.
  • Castor kit increases maneuverability.

The inclusion of an AMP circuit breaker ensures protection against potential electrical overloads, which could otherwise damage the winch. Overall, the Mounted Snowplows are engineered with a focus on resilience, user-friendly operation, and effectiveness in challenging winter conditions.

Advantages and Drawbacks


When considering the Hitch-Mounted Winch-Driven Snowplow Kit, you’ll find that its ability to swiftly clear snow from driveways and small parking areas stands out as a significant advantage, yet it’s crucial to weigh this against the potential assembly and accessory challenges reported by some users. The quick and effective snow removal capabilities of this snow plow kit, facilitated by its winch-driven operation, offer a compelling reason to invest. Its easy installation and the inclusion of a hardened steel scraper and rubber deflector enhance its functionality. Moreover, the availability of skid shoes and a castor kit bolsters the kit’s adaptability and eases storage concerns.

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However, the critical eye will notice the drawbacks that could affect your experience. The assembly instructions, often seen as unclear, coupled with reported difficulties in hooking up the plow, might lead to frustration. Users have also faced issues with shipping, missing accessories, and insufficient power cord length—factors that can sour the overall utility of the product. Furthermore, the price sensitivity to snowy weather conditions could impact your budget. It’s essential to consider these advantages and drawbacks meticulously before committing to this hitch-mounted snowplow kit, to prevent possible electrical damage and mitigate wear and tear through the use of provided safety chains and a Custom Mount Kit.

Final Thoughts

Considering these factors, it’s imperative you assess whether the DK2 Universal T-Frame Mounted Snowplow aligns with your specific snow removal needs and circumstances. The snowplow’s effectiveness hinges on how well it complements your vehicle and the environment you’ll be using it in.

  • The DK2 snowplow is hitch-mounted and winch-driven, offering a certain level of convenience but also requiring a compatible mount kit and electrical system on your vehicle.
  • Ensure your vehicle’s hitch is rated for the weight and stress of plowing.
  • Verify that your electrical system can support the 3,000 lb wireless electric winch without causing electrical or mechanical issues.

Analyzing the safety protocols is critical to avoid plow damage. Following the manual not only ensures efficient operation but also safeguards against violations of road laws. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • The scraper blade, while durable, is subject to wear and must be used within its limits to prevent vehicle damage.
  • Regular inspections will help identify when replacements are needed.
  • Adhering to recommended maintenance schedules can prolong the life of both the plow and your vehicle.

In conclusion, the DK2 Universal Hitch-Mounted Snowplow Kit offers you a robust solution for tackling snow. Its 3,000 lb wireless winch and blade stiffeners ensure durability, while the cutting edge scraper and other accessories enhance functionality. However, you’ll need to weigh its convenience against the cost and its suitability for larger tasks. If you’re seeking an easy-to-store, efficient plow for smaller areas, this kit could be a wise investment, but consider its limitations for extensive use.