In the icy heart of winter, when the relentless snowfall seems like an unyielding foe, you’ll find the Arctic RazorBack quietly redefining the meaning of resilience. You understand the challenges of keeping roads and driveways clear, but with this behemoth’s sectional moldboards and robust construction, you’re equipped to face the worst Mother Nature can muster. Imagine the confidence of plowing through deep drifts and over hidden obstacles, knowing that the RazorBack’s design is both forgiving and rugged, ensuring that neither you nor your equipment need to flinch at winter’s surprise punches. Now, consider the possibility of upgrading your existing fleet with the RazorBack Retrofit Kit, promising compatibility and enhanced performance. This is more than just a snow plow; it’s a strategic ally in your winter arsenal. But what exactly sets the Arctic RazorBack apart from its competitors, and how can it revolutionize your snow removal experience? Stay tuned, as we unveil the details that contribute to its title as the world’s toughest snow plow.

Key Takeaways

  • The Arctic RazorBack is equipped with Arctic Sectional Technology and independent sectional moldboards for efficient snow plowing.
  • It features a forgiving and impact-absorbing polyblock design, along with AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges for durability.
  • The RazorBack is designed to be fully replaceable, ensuring that no part of the plow needs to be written off in case of damage.
  • The Retrofit Kit is compatible with Western Wide-Out, Western Wide-Out XL, and Boss EXT plows, and is not affiliated with Western Products or Boss Products.

Unveiling the Arctic Razerback


Prepare to revolutionize your snow clearing experience with the unveiling of the Arctic Razerback, the plow that’s built to outlast and outperform in the harshest winter conditions. This isn’t just another piece of equipment; it’s the future of snow management, featuring Arctic Sectional Technology that’s set to change the game.

With its independent sectional moldboards and impact-absorbing polyblock design, the Razerback ensures you’re never stuck with a damaged plow after an unexpected encounter. Each section moves independently, allowing for a cleaner scrape and reducing the risk of damage from hidden obstacles. The AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges are tough as nails, giving you the confidence to tackle snow and ice without hesitation.

You’ll appreciate the free-floating wings that adjust to the contour of the surface, providing unmatched clearing capability. No more uneven plowing or snow left behind. The Razerback’s design is smart and efficient, ensuring every part is fully replaceable. That means, if you hit something, you won’t have to write off the entire plow. Instead, you can easily swap out the affected section and get back to work.

The plow weighs in at 1,142 lbs and stands at 29 inches tall, a testament to its robust construction. And the best part? You can be among the first to experience this innovative technology. Sign up to get the latest updates and be prepared to add the Arctic Razerback to your fleet. Remember, this is a non-binding initiative, and supplies may be limited for Fall 2023 delivery. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your snow clearing game with the world’s toughest snow plow.

Engineered for Extreme Conditions

Engineered to withstand the harshest winter fury, the Arctic RazorBack plows through deep snow and ice as if they were mere nuisances on your path. This beast of a machine harnesses Arctic Sectional Technology, featuring independent sectional moldboards that contour to the terrain. You’ll tackle uneven surfaces confidently, knowing the forgiving polyblock design absorbs impacts, preventing damage to both the plow and the obstacle.

Imagine slicing through frozen barriers with AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges. These components ensure that you’re not just skimming the surface, but actually breaking through the toughest ice. And don’t worry about those unexpected hidden objects. The RazorBack’s cutting edges gracefully trip over obstacles, snapping back into place without missing a beat.

Now, let’s talk durability. Every inch of the RazorBack is built to last. With fully replaceable parts, a run-in with a hidden curb won’t spell the end for your plow. This modular approach, coupled with the retrofit kit for existing Western® and Boss EXT models, means that your investment adapts and evolves.

With a hefty 1,142 lbs of muscle and a towering height of 29 inches, the RazorBack stands as a formidable force against winter’s worst. Its free-floating wings adjust to the snow’s depth and density, allowing you to clear large swaths of land with precision and efficiency.

Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for the latest updates. The Arctic RazorBack isn’t just a tool; it’s your steadfast ally in the battle against nature’s most challenging elements. Don’t just take on winter—dominate it with the world’s toughest snow plow.

Robust Materials and Construction

Every component of the Arctic RazorBack is crafted with robust materials to ensure unparalleled durability in the face of extreme weather. The moldboards are independent and sectional, providing flexibility and strength where you need it most. They’re connected by a forgiving polyblock design that absorbs impacts, preventing damage to the plow and your vehicle.

The cutting edges are no less impressive. Made from AR400 steel and spring-loaded, they trip when they encounter an obstacle. This mechanism saves the blade from taking the full force of the hit, significantly reducing the risk of permanent deformation or breakage. You won’t have to worry about the entire plow being compromised by a single impact.

You’ll also find the Arctic RazorBack’s construction to be refreshingly modular. If a part does wear out or break, it’s fully replaceable. This means you’re not looking at buying a whole new plow because of one faulty section. It’s a cost-effective design, ensuring your investment lasts as long as possible.

Weighing in at 1,142 lbs and standing 29 inches tall, the RazorBack is a heavyweight contender in snow removal. Its free-floating wings adjust to the contours of the road or pavement, providing clean sweeps without compromising on coverage.

The Arctic RazorBack isn’t just built to last; it’s built to adapt and overcome. With a retrofit kit available for certain models, you can upgrade your existing equipment to the RazorBack standard. You’re not just buying a plow; you’re investing in a robust, long-term solution to your snow-clearing needs.

Cutting-Edge Plowing Technology

Building on its robust construction, the Arctic RazorBack incorporates cutting-edge plowing technology to enhance your snow removal efficiency. It’s equipped with Arctic Sectional Technology, featuring independent sectional moldboards. This means each section moves independently, allowing the plow to contour to the surface and clear snow more effectively. Plus, the forgiving polyblock design absorbs impacts, so you don’t have to worry about damage from unseen obstacles.

The RazorBack’s AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges take innovation further. They’re designed to trip over obstacles, reducing equipment strain and potential damage. Free-floating wings adapt to the snow’s shape and depth, providing a clean sweep without manual adjustments.

You’ll appreciate that every part of the RazorBack is replaceable. If you hit something, you can simply replace the affected part instead of the whole plow. This feature is not just smart; it’s cost-effective. The plow is also retrofit-friendly, with kits available for popular models like the Western® Wide-Out and Boss EXT. Arctic isn’t affiliated with these brands, but they’ve made sure you can upgrade your existing equipment seamlessly.

The RazorBack weighs in at 1,142 lbs and stands 29 inches tall, a testament to its substantial build. If you’re interested in being among the first to harness this plow’s capabilities, Arctic invites you to sign up for updates and express your purchase intent, whether for a single unit or a fleet expansion.

Unmatched Clearing Capabilities

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The Arctic RazorBack sets the standard in snow clearing efficiency with its ability to adapt to various surfaces and conditions effortlessly. You’ll find the sectional technology at the core of this prowess. Independent sectional moldboards conform to the terrain, allowing you to tackle uneven surfaces without missing a flake. The forgiving, impact-absorbing polyblock design means you won’t have to stress over unexpected obstacles. The plow simply glides over them, reducing wear and tear on both the equipment and the surface beneath.

What’s more, the AR400 spring-loaded tripping cutting edges are a game-changer. You’ll experience a clean scrape every time, no matter the surface. And with free-floating wings, the RazorBack adjusts dynamically to snow drifts and banks, ensuring unparalleled clearing capabilities. You’re not just moving snow; you’re mastering it.

This is all done while ensuring longevity. Every part is replaceable, which means a rogue curb won’t put your plow out of commission—you can simply swap out the affected section. That’s a level of resilience and practicality you won’t find in every snow plow.

If you’re looking to upgrade, the retrofit kit lets you easily adapt your existing Western® Wide-Out or Boss EXT plow. You’re not just buying a new plow; you’re investing in a versatile solution that will serve you for seasons to come. And with Arctic’s promise to keep you updated and the option to share your information with local dealers, you’re in the loop and supported every step of the way.

The Arctic RazorBack doesn’t just clear snow; it redefines what you expect from a snow plow.