Wide Out Flared Adjustable Wing Snowplow

In the competitive arena of snow removal, the Western Wide-Out has established itself as the essential asset for industry professionals who prioritize peak efficiency and unwavering dependability. This formidable tool is equipped with state-of-the-art, XL adjustable wing snow plows, complemented by flared wings that operate autonomously, providing a level of versatility that is unmatched. The design of the Wide-Out is such that it enables operators to tackle extensive areas blanketed with heavy snow, streamlining operations by minimizing the necessity for repetitive coverage.

The value of the Western Wide-Out transcends its status as a mere piece of machinery; it’s the embodiment of cutting-edge advancements in snow-clearing technology. It boasts a collection of sophisticated features that propel its capabilities well into the realm of professional-grade excellence. For those entrenched in the snow management industry, as well as discerning consumers who will settle for nothing short of the paramount, the Western Wide-Out is a symbol of the extraordinary feats possible when engineering precision and mechanical strength are seamlessly integrated into one exceptional tool.

Key Takeaways

In the competitive arena of snow removal, the Western Wide-Out has positioned itself as the preeminent choice for experts who prioritize both efficiency and dependability. Outfitted with its expansive XL adjustable wing snow plows and independently operating flared wings, this formidable tool allows operators to effectively tackle extensive areas burdened by substantial snowfall, often in a single, streamlined pass. The Western Wide-Out transcends the role of a mere instrument; it is the embodiment of snow-clearing excellence, integrating a range of sophisticated features that set a new benchmark for professional-grade performance. For industry veterans and discerning clients who accept only the finest tools for their trade, the Western Wide-Out represents the zenith of ingenuity where meticulous design meets formidable strength, redefining the standards of what a top-tier snow-clearing machine can accomplish.

Innovative Design

In the fiercely competitive realm of snow removal, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplow emerges as a game-changing innovation, merging adaptability with unparalleled efficiency. Its adjustable winged design is a testament to the ingenuity in modern snowplow engineering, allowing operators to manipulate each wing independently to seamlessly tackle varying snow conditions. The WIDE-OUT XL model, in particular, boasts flared wings that reach an impressive 36 inches in height, offering a capacity to expedite snow clearing by up to 30%, a significant margin that can redefine operational timelines.

This plow is not just about speed; it’s about precision and versatility. At the push of a button, operators can transition between multiple configurations—Retracted Straight, Expanded Straight, Windrow, and Scoop—tailoring their approach to the task at hand with remarkable fluidity. This flexibility is underpinned by a robust 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel slide box, ensuring that the plow withstands the rigors of its environment.

Attention to detail is evident in the plow blade’s construction—a 31-inch tall, 14-gauge steel moldboard complemented by a half-inch high-carbon steel cutting edge—engineered to deliver a consistently clean sweep while minimizing wear for extended longevity. Structural integrity is bolstered by an array of reinforcements, including six vertical ribs (eight on the XL), a heavy-duty quadrant, and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR, all working in concert to prevent blade twisting and provide essential support.

The WIDE-OUT’s hydraulics are equally impressive. WESTERN’s dedication to in-house manufacturing of hydraulic components speaks to a commitment to quality that stands as a hallmark of the brand. The swift, responsive system, coupled with fully enclosed components for elemental protection, ensures that this plow not only meets but exceeds industry standards for durability and performance. It’s clear that the WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplow is not just a tool but an essential asset for those who will not compromise on quality and demand excellence in snow removal operations.

Advanced Features

Wide Out 20

In the highly competitive market of snow removal equipment, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series stands out as a paragon of innovation and efficiency. This series, which includes the robust WIDE-OUT XL model, is redefining expectations with its precision-engineered 31-inch tall, 14-gauge steel moldboard complemented by a formidable ½-inch high-carbon steel cutting edge. Such meticulous design choices not only guarantee a pristine scrape with each pass but also contribute to a marked reduction in wear, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the blade.

Further distinguishing the WIDE-OUT snowplows is the structural integrity afforded by six vertical ribs (or eight, in the case of the WIDE-OUT XL), a robust heavy-duty quadrant, and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR. This trinity of features synergizes to impart unparalleled torsional strength and rigidity, effectively neutralizing any potential for blade twisting.

At the heart of the WESTERN WIDE-OUT’s reliability is its hydraulic system—each component meticulously manufactured to uphold the highest standards of quality and responsiveness. The result is a swift, robust mechanism engineered to withstand the rigors of countless winters. Encased to shield against the elements, these hydraulics promise enduring performance, emblematic of the durability and longevity that professionals demand.

The WIDE-OUT’s flared wings, reaching an impressive 36 inches on the XL variant, are not mere aesthetic enhancements; they are strategic innovations that enable up to a 30% faster snow moving capability. The plow’s versatility is further amplified by the ability to manipulate each wing independently, allowing for a multitude of configurations including retracted and expanded straight positions, windrow, and scoop.

Bolstering the functionality is the heavy-duty slide box, crafted from 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel. This detail underscores the WIDE-OUT’s commitment to sturdiness and reliability. For professionals who seek not just to clear snow, but to master it, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplows represent the zenith of snow removal efficiency and effectiveness.

Versatility and Adaptability

In the realm of snow removal, versatility and adaptability are paramount. The WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplows exemplify these traits, standing out as the epitome of customizable and functional snow-clearing equipment. Both the WIDE-OUT and its larger counterpart, the WIDE-OUT XL, boast an innovative design that allows operators to adjust blade widths to suit the task at hand. The XL model, in particular, showcases its prowess with an extendable blade range from 8’6″ to a substantial 11′ when in straight blade mode, ensuring efficiency across various conditions.

The WIDE-OUT series is engineered with precision. The 31-inch tall, robust 14-gauge steel moldboard coupled with a resilient ½-inch high-carbon steel cutting edge ensures that each pass cleanly slices through snow, reducing wear and prolonging blade longevity. The structural integrity of these plows is further bolstered by an array of vertical ribs—six for the standard model and eight for the XL—complemented by a heavy-duty quadrant and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR. This construction delivers unparalleled torsional strength, effectively mitigating any potential for blade twisting.

At the heart of these plows lies a hydraulic system that’s synonymous with reliability. Crafted with WESTERN’s proprietary components, the hydraulics promise the pinnacle of quality and dependability, offering swift and consistently responsive performance that stands the test of time. Encased to shield against harsh elements, this system accentuates the snowplow’s enduring nature.

One cannot overlook the WIDE-OUT XL’s flared wings, which reach a towering height of 36 inches, enabling the plow to displace snow up to 30% more rapidly than conventional models. Notably, each wing operates independently, allowing for seamless adaptation to the ever-changing snowscapes. Reinforcing its operational dexterity is the robust heavy-duty slide box, constructed from 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel, which further refines the plow’s performance and adaptability.

Unmatched Performance

Wide Out Flared Adjustable Wing Snowplow 21

WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplows are redefining industry benchmarks for snow removal efficiency and reliability. These innovative plows are a testament to superior design, providing an unrivaled performance that professionals in the snow removal business have come to depend on. The plows’ adjustable winged design is a game-changer, featuring flared wings that can be independently controlled and retracted with a mere button push, enhancing your ability to clear snow by up to an impressive 30% faster than conventional plows.

Crafted from robust 3/16′ heavy-grade steel, the heavy-duty slide box of the WIDE-OUT models is built to withstand diverse snow conditions, ensuring lasting performance and reliability. The moldboard of the WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL models doesn’t skimp on quality either; standing at 31′ and made from 14-gauge steel, it’s complemented by a ½’ high-carbon steel cutting edge that promises a consistently clean scrape, thereby prolonging blade longevity.

Structural integrity is paramount, and WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplows deliver. With six vertical ribs (or eight for the WIDE-OUT XL), a heavy-duty quadrant, and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR, these snowplows are engineered to prevent blade twisting and ensure dependable operation under the most demanding conditions.

Moreover, the hydraulics system is both swift and responsive, comprised of manufactured components that are fully enclosed to resist weathering, guaranteeing that these plows stand the test of time. The independent wing control, coupled with multiple positioning options, translates to unmatched versatility and efficiency. In essence, WESTERN WIDE-OUT snowplows are not merely tools; they are a professional’s strategic ally in the battle against winter’s worst, expertly engineered to surpass expectations and enhance operational productivity.

Durability and Reliability

In the realm of snow removal, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series is a game-changer, demonstrating that robust design and peak performance can indeed go hand-in-hand. These snowplows, with their imposing 31-inch tall, 14-gauge steel moldboards, and formidable ½-inch high-carbon steel cutting edges, are redefining industry benchmarks for durability and reliability. Each meticulously crafted pass not only ensures a pristine scrape but also minimizes wear, significantly prolonging the life of the blade.

The WIDE-OUT models, particularly the XL variant, come fortified with an impressive array of six to eight vertical ribs, a rugged heavy-duty quadrant, and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR. This combination is the secret behind their extraordinary torsional strength and rigidity. By warding off any possibility of blade twisting and offering additional support, they stand as paragons of structural integrity.

WESTERN’s commitment to excellence is further evident in its in-house production of hydraulic components. This adherence to the highest quality standards ensures that the snowplows’ hydraulics systems are not only swift and responsive but also durable enough to withstand the test of time—and the rigors of numerous winters. With their components safely ensconced from harsh weather, these systems are an enduring testament to the brand’s engineering prowess.

Moreover, the WIDE-OUT XL model’s flared wings, peaking at 36 inches, exemplify efficiency, facilitating up to 30% faster snow movement. The snowplows’ versatility is also noteworthy, with wings that can be independently manipulated into various configurations, including Retracted Straight, Expanded Straight, Windrow, and Scoop. This flexibility, coupled with the robustness of a heavy-duty slide box constructed from 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel, ensures that the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series remains unrivaled across a spectrum of snow removal scenarios, setting a new industry standard for both reliability and durability.

Professional Grade Efficiency

The WESTERN WIDE-OUT series is redefining the snow removal industry with its exceptional productivity and performance capabilities. As experts in the field will attest, the WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL snowplows are peerless in their efficiency, designed to move more snow with fewer passes. The innovative adjustable blade can extend from 8 feet to 10 feet, or from 8 feet 6 inches to 11 feet in the XL version, while the retractable flared wings enhance snow-moving capabilities significantly.

Crafted for the professional who demands both durability and precision, these plows boast independently controlled wings with versatile positioning options such as retracted straight, expanded straight, windrow, and scoop. This level of control is vital for addressing diverse snow removal situations with finesse. Notably, the WIDE-OUT XL’s imposing flared wings, reaching heights of up to 36 inches, facilitate snow movement up to 30% faster compared to conventional plows.

Durability is not an afterthought with the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series. The robust slide box, constructed from 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel, ensures resilience and long-lasting service while contributing to the system’s efficiency. The hydraulics are not only efficient and responsive but also produced with proprietary components, all fully enclosed to resist the harshest weather elements. This commitment to quality and reliability is evident in every component, including the six vertical ribs (eight in the XL model), the heavy-duty quadrant, and the dual WESTERN POWER BAR. These features collectively deliver extraordinary torsional strength and rigidity, preventing blade twisting and ensuring that professional-grade efficiency is maintained, even under the most challenging snow removal conditions.

When it comes to unparalleled efficiency and productivity in snow removal, the savvy choice for industry professionals is unequivocally the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series. This investment represents not just a tool, but a strategic advantage in snow management operations.

The Go-To Choice

In the competitive arena of professional snow removal, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series is a game-changer, redefining efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. Expertly engineered to tackle the most daunting tasks, the WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL snowplows stand alone at the apex of innovation. With their ability to move a greater volume of snow with fewer passes, they exemplify productivity enhancement.

The WIDE-OUT series boasts a unique feature—its flared wings are independently controllable. This grants operators unparalleled adaptability, enabling precise adjustments to cater to diverse snow removal scenarios. The wings can smoothly retract at the touch of a button, ensuring that operators can swiftly adapt to changing snow conditions without breaking stride.

Versatility is central to the design of the WIDE-OUT blades, which adjust from 8 feet to 10 feet in width, while the WIDE-OUT XL models extend further, from 8 feet 6 inches to 11 feet. Such adjustability is critical for professionals tasked with maintaining various surface areas. The towering stature of the plows, peaking at 31 inches and ascending to 36 inches for the WIDE-OUT XL, empowers operators to expedite snow removal by up to 30%, a considerable margin that can redefine the efficiency benchmarks of the sector.

Durability is not an afterthought for the WIDE-OUT series. The robust slide box, crafted from 3/16-inch heavy-grade steel, stands as a testament to the resilience required to withstand the rigors of professional use. Furthermore, the series is outfitted with an advanced hydraulics system that includes in-house manufactured hydraulic components, securely enclosed to resist the onslaught of the elements.

The combination of exceptional torsional strength and structural rigidity ensures that the WIDE-OUT series is not just an investment in a snowplow, but a long-term asset in the snow removal arsenal of professionals. For those who seek an amalgamation of efficiency, reliability, and performance, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series emerges as the preeminent choice, solidifying its status as an industry leader in the Forbes realm.

Perfect for Snow Removal Pros

For the seasoned snow removal professional, the WESTERN WIDE-OUT series stands as a paragon of innovation and performance in the commercial snow plowing market. In an industry where efficiency is synonymous with profitability, the WIDE-OUT series is engineered to exceed the demands of the job. Each model is equipped with flared wings that can be manipulated independently at the mere tap of a button, a feature that streamlines operations by enabling the movement of more snow with fewer passes—thereby reducing both time and operational costs.

The series’ design allows for unparalleled adaptability; operators have the luxury of configuring the wings into various positions to tackle an array of snow conditions—be it the retracted straight, expanded straight, windrow, or scoop configurations. This versatility is indispensable for professionals faced with diverse snow removal challenges.

Furthermore, the robust slide box construction of the WIDE-OUT series promises unwavering durability and consistent reliability, even when pitted against the harshest winter elements. The plow’s expansive and adjustable wings, notably reaching up to 36 inches on the WIDE-OUT XL variant, are a testament to its capability, enabling operators to expedite the snow clearing process by up to 30%, translating into significant time savings on broader job sites.